Inkwall is a Bratislava (SK) based producer. He comes from a musical family, which led him from his early childhood towards a piano. His piano career lasted about 13 years and was awarded by many trophies from local but also international competitions. After graduating from high school, he attended prestigious Academy of Performing Arts, Film & TV Faculty, Sound Design Department.

During his high school years, he joined forces with @NineYards to create project called ToastFace. The project was able to put out a few releases on European and also US labels. In 2013, the duo split up in order to build creative room for a new artistic project named Inkwall. The production was focused on electronic music, which was seeking the initial inspiration from the world of rave culture. The first release ’DIFFERENT EP’ (2015) was critically acclaimed and managed to get nominations on Radio_Head Awards in categories; Best New Artist, Single of the Year (Message for U), Debut of the Year, etc.

In 2016, the successful release of ’DIFFERENT EP’ was followed by local clubs and festival tour. Inkwall made an appearance at some of the largest local festivals: Pohoda, Grape, Uprising, Trident and many more. In the following couple of years he made it to the festival stages again, but this time with much greater fan base thanks to better developed and creative live sets. In 2017, Inkwall released his first solo album named ’ONE NIGHT IN DELHI’, whose unique concept was inspired by blending the oriental culture and instruments with the world rave scene. This record was not only critically praised, but also accepted by general public, which again led to nominations at Radio_Head Awards. In the same year, Inkwall and Yanko Kral developed unique modular-light system that was presented at Grape Festival 2017.

In 2019, as the member of Drumatique crew, Inkwall is coming with new artistic and musical projects. As a fan, you can expect breathtaking live shows, which can be seen at summer festivals.